Hyde Park Art Center

February 5 - March 12, 2017


Precariat featured artwork by  Angela Davis Fegan Kiam Marcelo Junio Betsy Odom Oli Rodriguez Amina Ross ,  Anna Showers-Cruser Leonard Suryajaya Ruby Thorkelson and Derrick Woods-MorrowWhile these artists have diverse interests and practice, each individual confronts socially constructed ideas - such as beauty, affluence, and gender - within their work. By reclaiming masculine identified materials through feminized craft, exposing how the greed of a few ruins the lives of many, and actively challenge the gaze of the audience, they challenge these social ideals and lead us to consider what it means to live with a multifaceted identity.  

In her most recent book Notes Towards a Performative Theory of Assembly, Judith Butler examines the idea of precarity as an idea that inspired the title of the show as a moment that can produce potential alliances among those who do not recognize that they belong to one another, as it is a social and economic condition, not just an identity. Inspired by Butler, the exhibition will also host a series of programs that will expand upon themes within the show and present opportunities to dialogue on difficult issues. Having these opportunities for reflection on histories/herstories can help form stronger creative alliances to move our bodies forward together. Through these public programs it is possible to learn, listen and explore how we might โ€œbelong to one another.โ€