In January 2018 I had to give a presentation about my "curatorial practice" and I presented the first iteration of #curatingabouteverything.

I've continued to use this exercise on Instagram (archived here) to think through my personal transition, work, & the overwhelming state of affairs. Rules were arbitrarily decided upon the first presentation: every Jenny Holzer inspired list is followed by a corresponding #mood tweet & image. Quotations remain anonymous but are not myself. 

These will likely age poorly, but I'll be thankful to have them. 

SEPTEMBER 14. 2018

Current state of mind: absolute beehive. This is #curatingabouteverything for September 🌸 ft. #chani #anxious #unions #johnmulaney #time #transtime

JULY. 23. 2018

I wish that Instagram had an answer feature for questions such as: Do people think I can’t see them glance at my crotch and back at my face trying to piece it together on the morning commute? Are any of the One Direction members calling each other on their 8th anniversary? Will I ever make it through an entire derby bout without collapsing from heat exhaustion? Can JVN fix my testosterone acne? When will my voice level out? Will I ever feel I’ve done enough? Are there any other curator derby players who will get this meme I made? Here’s #curatingabouteverything for July 🌸 ft. #harrystyles #rollerderby#queereye #mammamia

MAY. 14. 2018

Before I studied art history, I took animation classes for 2.5 years as an undergrad. I rarely even watch animated stuff anymore but I’ve been trying to pinpoint a particular anxiety I’ve been feeling while on HRT. It dawned on me this weekend I’m on my smear slide. ✨ The Smear is used between other frames to move a character so that it looks springy or quick for comedic effect - you see it all the time on The Simpson’s, anything Looney Tunes or in the third slide, Aladdin. It’s old school. It’s going to be the ugliest, over exaggerated everything and least decipherable slide in your set of 30 frames per second. And there is likely more than just one frame that looks like this. ✨ I’m growing and I feel weird about it. Anyway, this is #curatingabouteverything for May 2018. 🌸✨🏄🏻‍♂️ #trans #HRT #nonbinary

JANUARY. 23. 2018

Pro tip: Put a gif of @harrystyles in your curatorial practice presentations. Always relevant to any convo. #pechakucharrystyles#curatingabouteverything 🌸